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About Us

The Grill Dudes was founded in August of 2010 with a simple mission in mind – to provide Orange County with a premier BBQ cleaning and restoration service. Family owned and operated, the Grill Dudes prides themselves on providing the utmost level of dedicated customer service, all while maintaining an honest and strong work ethic. Customers are more than just a number to the Grill Dudes, and the Grill Dudes are more than just a team of service technicians. It’s important that each grill cleaning experience is well above exceptional, and that is why classic hard work and integrity are the number one priority in each and every job completed.


Andrew Mines

Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Andrew has always had an affinity for well-designed backyards, and top-of-the-line barbecues.

After dedicating a handful of years to working in the hospitality industry, Andrew decided to pursue his passion in starting his own business. This business happened to be pretty niche, but Andrew recognized it as a major need for the area in which he lived. It was then that The Grill Dudes BBQ Cleaning & Restoration was established.

Andrew currently lives in Rancho Santa Margarita with his wife, Danielle.

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Cleaning Barbecue Grill
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